Ford Performance Release 5.2 Aluminator xs Crate Engine

Did you want to get more power for the propulsion system of your sports car? Always innovative, Ford Performance succeeds again. It’s a 570 horsepower, 57-horsepower, 5.2-liter XS alloy engine beast featured in the 2017 Mustang GT.


An impressive upgrade option after the sale, the 5.2 Aluminator XS includes the following:

  • 200amp Alternator
  • High-Performance Chain Switches
  • H-beam connectors and forged crankshaft
  • Obvious entry of the Cobra Jet 5.0L 4V
  • Cobra Jet 65 mm, double-hull aluminum body

“Ford Performance Parts is still developing new gearbox engines,” said Matt Monroe, marketing manager at Ford Performance Parts. “In this particular case, we have mobilized a large number of high-performance production parts for the GT350 production machine.” FPP engineers made minor changes to work with the crank in the transverse plane. “As a result, the 5.2 Aluminator XS Crate Engine is powerful, offering the market that we believe our customers will appreciate.”


The 5.2 Aluminator XS Crate Engine is versatile and can be used for high-end catering or modern day-car upgrades, in addition to Mustang aftermarket upgrades. There is a lot of power available here and the Ford Performance staff is delighted with the response from the enthusiasts.


The new 5.2 Aluminator XS presents its own modular engine modeling and jamming, with Ford Performance. This transcriptional translation of interpretations is available in the main engineer park for the Mustang Cobra Jet. There are many features and benefits that guarantee that they are still unique, such as how ARP is a popular The Cobra Jet colter, the Cobra Jet colter, double diameter CJ 1517 cubic foot in a minute and a new year for the regime, the GT350 integrated portfolio.


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